In my conversations with leaders and aspiring leaders, and in my own experiences with leadership and life, a list of longings repeats itself:

  • I want to live and lead from a grounded, heart-centered place – a place that isn’t cast about so much by the ups and downs of my ego.
  • I want to find my clearest, most authentic voice and use it to write and teach and lead.
  • I want to dream big and play big – in ways that heal the world.
  • I want to unblock myself around money.
  • I want my body to heal from the effects of stress. (…And I want it to stay that way.)
  • I want to love and receive love with an unguarded heart.

We want these things, and we spend (and spend and spend) all kinds of time, money, and effort trying to get them.

My life-long quest to fulfill such longings has led me deeper and deeper into trust as the wellspring of them all. As the foundation of them being fulfilled. As Square One.

So before chasing centeredness, or egolessness, or authenticity, or big dreams. And before putting a new diet or exercise routine into place. And before trying to force yourself into greater leadership, bigger love, or more money…

…try turning your gaze and desire toward trust.

This practice has transformed my life and I’d love for your company as I share and discuss the lessons about it I’ve learned.

Course details:

In this 30-day, self-guided course, we’ll explore what trust means, how it grows and how it doesn’t, what challenges can be expected on the path of nourishing it, and what practices we can establish to help it thrive. Highlights and lowlights from my personal practice will guide the way.

Course includes:

  • 30 days of letters + sketches
  • Seven short videos
  • Daily micro-action steps
  • Two live Q&A calls + downloadable recordings afterward
  • Email support
  • Snail mail surprises


Registration is now closed for this course. If you’d like to be notified when it’s offered again, and to receive discounts on future offerings, sign up for Trust Notes in the side bar.


When does the course begin?

Registration is now closed. Trust Habits will be offered again after the new year.

How does it work?

Each day for 30 days, beginning October 1st, I send a letter to your inbox. Letters include sketches, short meditations, micro-actions you can take in response to each day’s meditation, and occasionally, a video from me.

In addition to these letters, there will be two live Q&A conference calls, which I’ll record and make available for download afterward.

The amount of time you spend daily or weekly on the material is completely up to you. You will benefit from even five minutes a day to read the emails. And of course the more space you make around your trust habits – applying the micro actions suggested with each lesson – the deeper your trust will grow.

What do I need for this course?

  • Access to an email account (this is how [most] content will be delivered).
  • Pen/pencil and a journal or paper.
  • A desire to nourish trust.

Will you be available by email?

Yes! Feel free to email me anytime throughout this course.

I’ve done quite a bit of inner work already. Is this course for me?

Yes. It’s for me and for you just as much as anyone. I created this course as a consciousness boost – a way to turn attention, no matter where we are in our process of inner growth, onto the topic of trust. Those who have walked miles on the path of inner growth will experience and apply the material differently than those who haven’t, but the goal in all cases is the same: to raise trust consciousness and increase our capacity to practice and nourish trust in the very real, very rough and tumble of our daily lives.

More questions?

Email me: kristintnoelle(at)gmail(dot)com

Trust Tending guarantee:

I’m committed to offering useful, transformative resources. If you aren’t satisfied with this course, simply email me and I’ll offer you a full refund.

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