A new kind of power

November 9, 2012

These are the days, you guys.

I feel it like a drumbeat in my chest.

Like a piper waking me up, whistling me out beyond what I’ve always known and into a foreign-familiar homecoming.

We’re here to heal. To come together. To drop the illusion of separate, competing interests.

When you win, I win. When I lose, you lose. Our planet feels this. Our populations feel this.

But these are the days of moving out beyond even these dichotomies. Of focusing not on rightness and wrongness, winning and losing, but on wholeness. On recognizing our unavoidable part in a bigger story and listening, whole-heartedly, BIG-heartedly, to how we want to shape that unique part.

Jen Louden wrote a practical, prophetic piece on this before America’s election this week.

Julie Daley is writing beautifully about this kind of power.

Amy Oscar is a light for this Way.

And, goodness, we’re in such amazing company! I could link and link and link to the souls that are living out “These are the days!”

In this same vein is my deepening conviction that we who make livings from healing, heart-centered work are not in competition. We are soul doctors and soul nurses and spiritual therapists for a planet.

We each have a specialty, unique to us. And there are folks, many of them, for whom our specialties are most needed.

So. Bringing “these are the days” to these very weeks that finish our year – weeks when nearly all of us need soul support as we up our sugar intake, our activity levels, and time spent with dear ones who trigger our less-than-best power moves…

Here are some soul specialists to assist you this season. We are, all of us, trust tenders, and we’re consciously trying to embody the most healing, transformative kind of power.

Marianne Elliott | Zen Peacekeeper Guide to the Holidays

Liz Lamoreux | Water Your Soul

Hannah Marcotti | Holiday Joy Up

Rachel Cole | Wisdom Notes

Alana Sheeren | Picking Up the Pieces

Yours Truly | Santa Pause

Find something that nourishes and supports you (from this list or well beyond). Invest in it. Take seriously this call to embody – right in the midst of this season – your deepest power.

If you’re new here, my warmest welcome! This site is all about trust and how we can grow more of it. Here’s an article that summarizes what I believe about trust. And for a free ebook about a core trust-tending practice, click here. I’m so glad you stopped by!

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More than just trying to cope

November 1, 2012

I recently had a conversation with a friend who’s been facing enormous challenges this year with breath-taking courage. I said something about my awe in her ability to cope with all she’s facing, and her response stays with me still.

I don’t want to just cope, she wrote.

I simply know, deeply, that we aren’t here to cope.

And so many spiritual practices (not to mention social constructs, mental health recommendations, etc. etc.) seem to me, to boil down to coping strategies.

I use them.

It helps.

I want more.

I know there’s more.

And I’m drawn to the stories/people/teachers/poems/whatever that point beyond successful coping, to an all-the-way existence of all-is-well.

Perhaps being in a how-do-I-cope experience is an ideal place to learn.

Yes. YES.

My heart thinks instantly of all those struggling to stand in Hurricane Sandy’s wake.

And as I think on my friend’s wise words, and on the cry of my heart to find a way into the reality that I glimpse here and there, that wafts past my awareness in unexpected moments, that all is deeply well, always – yes, somehow in and through our darkest hours – my motivation to tend trust is fanned into energizing, heart-warming flame.

I believe small steps, taken over time – whether we’re writing a book, or starting a business, or raising children, or learning to move our bodies again – add up. They transform us.

And learning to do more than “just cope”, learning to trust life DEEPLY, is no exception.

So here we are in a brand new month. Here we are at the outer edge of a brand new holiday season. And I’m ready to use these very weeks – these very weeks that have historically been so full of stress and trying-to-just-make-it-through for me – as a classroom for this very trust I want to learn.

This holiday practice is one conscious move I’m making to nourish trust this season and to keep my sights set there, rather than on the swirl of reasons-to-need-to-just-cope that whirl around me.

And I would love nothing more than your company in this practice and in the bigger picture of this more-than-just-coping path. Join me?

Are you new here? If so, welcome! This post is a great distillation of what I believe about trust. And if you’d like a free e-book on a core, trust-tending practice, click here. I’m so glad you stopped by!

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