I’m creating a sketch a day this holiday season to nourish trust. Want to pause with me each day to take one in?…

The Story

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As a child, the holiday season was magic for me. I loved the music, the traditions, the baking. The comfort of pulling out familiar decorations I hadn’t seen since last year.

In so many ways, I love these things still.

As years have gone by, however, and my role has shifted from child to responsible adult – meaning: person who must navigate the crowded streets and stores, the gift-wrapping, the social challenges and obligations, the food planning and clean-up – I’ve noticed my whole being turning into a sigh as Thanksgiving nears.

It’s not a sigh of peace on earth, either. It’s a sigh of weariness. A sigh of feeling obligated to grit my teeth through weeks of over-activity and over-stimulation (I’m a highly sensitive person, which means all the glitter and glitz around me is more like GLITTER AND GLITZ to my system).

And maybe more than that, it’s a sigh of feeling like my values of simplicity, of physical kindness (e.g., eating food that makes me feel good), of silence, and earth-friendly purchasing go head-to-head with…Santa. Or at least with all that Santa represents.

By the time New Year’s rolls around, I rarely feel like my values are ahead.

I don’t have a quick-fix solution to this dilemma. But I do have a practice of tending trust. And one of the fruits of that practice is a growing awareness and conviction that small steps, taken over time, make a world of difference in our inner state.

Consciousness, when brought to the things that scratch and tear at our trust, can bring softness where there was none. Can bring stillness where there was only frantic planning and gift-buying. Can bring strength and courage where there was mostly the anticipation of getting knocked, by this social interaction or that obligation, off our feet.

As I did last year, this year I’m taking a moment each day, December 1 through 25, to press pause on unthinking action and pause on the holiday currents that swirl in and around me, to focus quietly in on what I value, and what I sense my trust most needs to stay strong.

And as I do so, I’ll create a sketch from what arises.

I’d love to share these sketches with you – to inspire more softness in you, more stillness, more strength and courage and trust.

And I’d love to talk together on a common Facebook page about the thoughts that they spark. To share stories. To support a more trust-filled season.

Santa, and all that Santa represents, won’t be leaving us anytime soon, and maybe we wouldn’t want him to. But our souls and our earth will be the better for it if we take the time to Santa Pause.

Join me?

The Details:

Registration is now closed for 2013.

If you’re needing more support through this holiday season, consider signing up for Trust Notes, my free, weekly meditations that nourish trust. My holiday e-book, Unspiking the Holiday Punch, is also a super practical resource to help you navigate challenging time with family.

Subscription Includes:

  • 25 days of trust-nourishing sketches, sent by email December 1 through December 25
  • A private Facebook page where we can talk about these sketches and whatever other Santa Pause moves we’re making to root ourselves in trust through this season.
  • PEACE. More than you’ll experience without daily reminders to stay rooted in trust.
  • BONUS: As part of your subscription to these sketches, and as my “WOOHOO! We’re deepening our trust together!!”, I’ll send you a free copy of my holiday ebook, Unspiking the Holiday Punch – a resource for navigating extended family time with greater ease. On its own, it sells for $10.

    This is a wonderful resource any time of year, but particularly as American Thanksgiving nears and then all the other family time of the season.


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What people are saying:

Kristin’s art is wonderful, winsome and simply adorable! The delightful sketches are infused with wisdom, vulnerability, humor, humility, gentleness and love – fruits of her long, long seasons of courageous soul-tending.

Like each of us, I’ll always have “a ways to go” down my own road toward deeper trust, but one thing I’m certain about: Kristin – with her pen and paintbrush and beautiful heart – is a great gift on this journey. ~Kellie Heath

On days when I find it hard to breathe, Kristin’s illustrations bring me back to the present and remind me I’m never ever in it alone. ~Lara Veon

Kristin’s illustrations say so much with so little. A few creative strokes of pen and color and it seems like a thousand words have been spoken. I like the captions/comments too, but it’s the drawing that pulls me in every time. ~Fiona Fitzpatrick

Kristin’s artwork has allowed me to believe, to have faith and to trust that everything is as it should be. And that it is okay for me to have what I want in this life. It has launched me on an amazing healing journey. ~Kavindra Jacobs

Kristin’s art illustrates deep truth in a way that speaks directly to my heart and my soul. Its gentle wisdom helps me remain open to new ways of thinking and being as I reflect on it within the context of my life. ~Beth Pastore

It never fails that Kristin’s themes are *perfectly* timed for what’s going on in my life. Although I continue to be surprised at this ~ by how someone I’ve never met in person, who lives on the far side of my country, and whose day-to-day life is very different than mine ~ can touch me so deeply just when I need it most. Her heartfelt musings and messages are an ongoing balm for my weary soul. ~Lisa Ottman

Kristin’s writing and illustrations resound within me and often give me permission to unclench my fists – to unclench the denial, the anger, the defiance, the resistance. I’m so grateful that she listened to her call. ~Helen Teague

Kristin is a gifted and inspirational writer. But when I reflect on the most outstanding aspects of her teaching and her influence on my life, I think of her illustrations. She gives breadth and depth to her deep wisdom through these. I see myself in her mountain climbers, her trust seekers, her dreamers, her dancers, and her deep thinkers. Her birds, flowers, and trees remind me that there is beauty, wisdom, and strength all around and within me. Whenever I open her emails, I immediately scroll down, looking for her drawings. They first make me smile and then they make me think. ~GailHB

My heart lightens whenever I see one of Kristin’s Trust Tending drawings. They never fail to make me smile. I stop whatever I’m doing when I see one, and I take a moment to breathe it in and consider the seed of wisdom it contains. ~Joanna Powell Colbert

I adore Kristin’s illustrations, because they are able to convey the deepest truths of the human experience. Always, though particularly in a season as fraught with emotional challenges as the holidays, they offer tremendous comfort to mind and spirit. ~Lindsey Mead

Kristin’s illustrations are simple, yet emotive and warm, like a familiar hand to my shoulder, a welcome note. They are lovely and make me feel happy. ~Deidre Santella

I light up inside when I see a new sketch from Kristin. Her images speak directly to my heart. I read many words on pages – and words can be powerful and soulful – but seeing my own thoughts (the fearful ones and the sweet ones) seemingly drawn for me, as Kristin does, is a gift to my soul. Her images bring levity and connection for me in ways words alone simply can’t. I want to hug them, every single time! ~Michelle Barry Franco

So often when I receive Kristin’s sketches, I feel both seen/understood and helped to stay in/move closer to the new-ancient WAYs of being in the world that are summoning me, ways that are often not articulated even among those who are seeking to live in new paradigms. ~Lynn Marie

Kristin offers spot-on inspiration as though she’s part of the same journey I’m on. Original thoughts and drawings, authentic, wise, elegant! ~Dee H

Kristin’s work always seems to be exactly what I need to help me get back to center in order to act in my own best interests. Her sketches are a wonderful place to find calm, peaceful guidance, most especially appreciated in these days of flashy distractions. ~Pamela Belding


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Is this an ecourse?

No, this isn’t. This is soul support – daily reminders of deeper values that nourish and sustain trust. There is no homework and there are no lessons. Just simple, soulful sketches.

How important is the Facebook component?

That depends. If you have the in-person support you need to talk about whatever challenges you’re navigating this season, or if you know that socializing or engaging social media in one more way will actually detract from your wish for trust and peace, you may want to skip the Facebook component.

If you’re one who is buoyed and inspired by feeling part of something bigger – by having tangible evidence that you aren’t alone in your challenges, and that there are other kind souls ready to support you or commiserate with you or to brainstorm ideas – this component may be a powerful part of your experience.

How much time will this require?

Again, this is up to you. It can be as little as a moment to look at a sketch each day, or as long as many moments if you choose to build a meditation time around the practice. In Day 0 of the course I will offer some ideas for this.

Can I give Santa Pause as a gift?

By all means! When you check out, just be sure to enter your friend’s first name and email address in the “Add special instructions to the seller” field at Paypal.

This would be an excellent use of the “Sign me up with a friend” savings.

More questions?

Please feel free to ask! kristin t noelle at gmail dot com.


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