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May 31, 2014

Here’s what I’ve learned about art: it has a crazy-potent way of getting good (read: healing, inspiring, motivating) things into our hearts and minds that otherwise bounce off our defenses.

You’ve had bouncing-off-your-defenses experiences right? Things like:

• Starting a great book or e-course, only to find yourself NOT applying the content you were so excited about, or inexplicably losing interest in the book/course entirely a few days in and having it sit, untouched thereafter, on your bookshelf or computer.

Bounce Off 1

• Having a loved one tell you, gently or not, about something you could do/read/stop to make your life better. In your heart of hearts you agree, and so you promptly…don’t do it.

Bounce Off 2

• Putting worded reminders of things you want to believe or do around the house (“You are loved”; “Drink more water”; “Stretch”), and having them become part of the landscape you don’t see anymore…before you actually heed them.

Bounce Off 3

I’ve had experiences like these, too! And the more that I’ve worked with art and with helping cultivate trust in clients and myself – trust in ourselves, trust in life, trust in others, trust in our capacity and freedom to change and grow – the more I’ve come to recognize the potency of this intersection of trust and art.

Trust is like a magic key that unlocks the doors of our hearts and minds so that healing and growth can flow in.

Trust as Key

Art is a map that can show us where we are in relation to our fear, guide us to that key, and cheer us on to actually use it.

Art as Map
This art + trust stuff? It’s changing my life.

And this is the whole point of the Healing Waves that I make: 10-day, multi-media series that help you experience more and more of what’s possible once you’ve turned this key.

I Choose Joy

I’ve created a brand new Healing Wave that begins as a group experience June 10 – all about cultivating authentic joy. I hope you’ll come check it out, and any of the other waves that speak to where you are right now!

I made a little video where I share from the heart why I love Healing Waves so much, too. It’s here.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I think what you are doing is GRAND & cultivates peace.
    God bless.

    Comment by Laura Leiseca — June 1, 2014 @ 4:59 am
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