Back off. Press in.

July 18, 2012

Maybe it really is this simple – how a life can transform.

And maybe this right here is your tipping point – this post and these illustrations. Maybe this is how you turn some mysterious inner corner and point yourself more squarely toward LIFE, with the particular struggles and triumphs that are your life’s Greatest Song.

Back off from the struggles that aren’t Great – the struggles you know in your gut are wheel-spinning; are you forcing things out of season; are your vice grip on a story that’s ready to change.

Back off from too much screen time and the blogs and sites and shows that do nothing for your body or mind or soul but deaden and distract.

Back off from grasping for greatness. From trying to prove you’re enough.

Back off.

Back off.

And press in.

Press into the fear you have of what’s REAL and EMOTIONALLY RISKY.

Press into asking and trying to answer your most perplexing QUESTIONS.

Press into the BELLY FLOPS and NOSE DIVES that are markers along your soulfullest, most vibrant life path.

Press into PLAY if that’s what you need, or the sweat-blood-and-tears of HARD WORK.

Be curious about your INNER WORLD and all the red flags there.

Move your BODY if it needs to move.

Feed your SOUL.

And if it helps to think of all of this as courage work, and your task NOT to be constantly courageous, but to exercise courage in 10- or 20-second spurts, think of it that way.

It takes courage to back off.

It takes courage to press in.

And both are staple ingredients for a life marked by trust.

Opportunities for both are with you always, and always – are now with you still.

+ + + + + + +

I’m backing off from screen time next week, taking a digital sabbatical July 22 to August 18. Blog posts, Trust Notes, and Deep Listening Sessions will resume after that.

In the meantime, I’ll be pressing into time with my kids, projects around the house, and deeper dives into what I’ll offer here come Fall.

Until August, then, I wish you well. I wish you little spurts of courage and clear enough sight to recognize when and where to put them to Great use.

In love and ever deepening trust,

Kristin Noelle

…And here’s a spontaneous postscript that felt more fitting to film than write with words:

While I’m away, you may want to dive a little deeper into what trust tending means. This series of posts, tagged “chicken wisdom”, is a great place to dive and not hit bottom. :)

And if you’re new here, my warmest welcome! Here’s a free book for you, all about tending trust while spending time online. I look so forward to meeting you soon and hope you find something useful as you poke around!

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For all who didn’t or can’t attend the super stupendous whatever-event-you-can-name:

July 10, 2012

Chances to connect meaningfully with people and your own amazing aliveness are woven into the fabric of everything.

Great opportunities for such things do come in the form of retreats and large events, but the habits and relationships we cultivate every single day – while often far less glamorous and shiny – are the forces that most profoundly bring us alive, free us to act with courage and trust when we’re afraid, and deepen our capacity to give and take-in love.

No weekend event can hold a candle to that power.

Are you new here? If so, welcome! This post is a great distillation of what I believe about trust. For a free book that exemplifies what trust tending means, click here. I’m so glad you stopped by!

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